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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Multiwood Kitchen Design - Multiwood Dealer India

MULTIWOOD – The Real Substitute for Wood 
The real substitute for wood has arrived and is a runaway success across the world.
• MULTIWOOD is made up of ‘U’ Pvc polyester resin & is made in an extruded polymer    profile form.
• MULTIWOOD is 100% water proof, Termite & Borer proof, corrosion free & fire retardent.
• MULTIWOOD is mainly used for wet area applications.
• MULTIWOOD sheets are pure white in colour and has a glossy and finished surface.
• MULTIWOOD The real substitute for wood has arrived and is a runaway success across        the world.
• MULTIWOOD has unique features and long lasting properties, that can withstand in any climatic conditions.
Because of the comprehensive applications of MULTIWOOD has already been used in Building decoration and renovation work.

The water acid and stain resistant features, environment protective aspects and the comprehensive and diversified applications makes it as a real substitute for wood The uniqueness and specialty use of this wonder sheet, leads us to name it MULTIWOOD

• MULTIWOOD is developed through state - of art European technology.
• MULTIWOOD has been put to diversified uses with amazing success in Europe & US.
• MULTIWOOD is 100% recyclable too.
Since wood particles are not used in MULTIWOOD it saves trees & there by protect our eco system.
MULTIWOOD could also be crafted to any shape, size, design & colour of user's choice. MULTIWOOD can be screwed, drilled, plained, carved, painted, and glued also. Owing to its versatility, it has been widely used for interior decoration and for many customized applications. Resistance to chemicals, water proofing features, fire retardant characteristics, bending features etc makes MULTIWOOD a real edge over Wood, and hence suitable for ‘specialty applications’.
Even best quality MDF or PLYWOOD is not borer/ termite or water proof and hence will perish in few years time.
• MULTIWOOD - we give lifetime guarantee for its quality.
• MULTIWOOD is ideally suitable for both interior and exterior use.
  • Water proof, Termite & Borer proof
  • Fire retardant
  • Non-porous and non-corrosive
  • Light weight, but strong
  • Finished, smooth & pure white surface
  • Homogeneous
  • High tensile strength & Impact strength
  • Both interior & exterior use
  • Can withstand any climatic conditions
  • Can bend to any shape
  • Acid & Chemical Proof . Stain Resistant
  • 100% Recyclable and Environment friendly

About Thomson Group 
The Thomson Group was a bold endeavor initiated by the Group’s three directors in a time when aluminium was rather new in the market and people believe strongly in the use of wood.

The Thomson Group, started 24 years ago, in 1987 as traders in Aluminum Extrusions at convent road, Ernakulum, in the name of Aluminum and Allied Centre. Now having an annual turnover of more than 200 crores per annum and employs more than 400 staffs under the group.
M/s. Tricone Building Products [INDIA] Pvt Ltd is our Flagship company.
We are the market leaders for Aluminum sales in Kerala. We are the major distributors of Hindalco, Jindal, and Bhoruka with separate showrooms for each of the said brands in Cochin. At present the group marketing the latest imported & wood furnish Aluminum profiles in the state. We have got our own showrooms and anodizing and powder coating units to cater to the needs of our customers, in 3 major places ie
in Cochin, Trivandrum & Thiruvalla.
During the last Five years the group is in the quest of new generation building products which saves labour and time. We have successfully introduced brands like MULTIWOOD & TECHWOOD and have received tremendous response from Architects, Builders and consumers all over South India . Our MULTIWOOD brand is used as substitute for Wood, MDF, HDF & Particle board for more durability and Finish. We have got more than 40 dealers spread across the state for these products. We were the first to introduce such a product in the Indian market.
We are also into the hospitality industry - developing our Kuttikanam - Panjalimedu Eco-tourism project.
Our experience in 24 years of trading has helped us launch our furniture division in the year 2009 by starting exclusive branded WOODEN furniture showrooms at Trivandrum , Thiruvulla & now in Cochin. Our product range varies from household to office, hospital, auditorium, hotel & outdoor furniture. Our quality, price and after sales service is the best in the industry.
Group web :
  • M/s Thomson Impex
    (Importers of Building materials)

    40/1333A, Nediyuzhathil Towers (Anex),
    Canon Shed Road, Ernakulam - 682011
  • M/s. Aluminium & Allied Center Ernakulam, Trivandrum, Thiruvalla
    (largest dealer of Jindal Aluminium extrusions in Kerala, leaders in aluminium field for 24 years)
  • M/s. Thomson Impex
    Ernakulam (An ISO 9001 - 2000 Certified Company)
    (No. 1 dealer of Hindalco aluminium in south India)
  • M/s. New Aluminium & Allied Industries, IDA, Edayar, Cochin
    (powder coating and anodising)
  • M/s. Alco Aluminium Ladders Industrial estate, Chengannur
    (pioneers & largest selling ladder manufacturers in kerala) An ISO 9001 - 2000 Company
  • M/s. Alco Aluminium products Industrial estate, Chengannur
    (powder coating & anodising)
  • M/s. Aluminium & Allied products IDA, Veli, Trivandrum
    (powder coating & anodising)
  • M/s Thomson Home Depot (Furniture Chain)
    Trivandrum & Thiruvalla
  • M/s Tricone Building Products [INDIA] Pvt Ltd 
    40/1250 Nediyuzhathil Towers, TD Road, Ernakulam 11
The Thomson group
Corporate Office : 40/1250-C, Nediyuzhathil Towers, T.D. Road, Eranakulam – 682011
Tel: 0484 4058218
E Mail:, 
MULTIWOOD Common uses
  • Grooving, carving & design work
  • Wall cladding for moisture proofing
  • Partition, False ceiling & Racks
  • Pillars, Curves & Arched roof
  • Auditorium table top ( Dining table)
  • Industrial, & Electrical ducting
  • Bathroom & Bedroom doors
  • Kitchen cabinets & Bedroom wardrobe
  • Washing Machine stand (built in)
  • Wash basin cabinet

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Multiwood Kitchen Cabinet

Multiwood Kerala Distributors India

The Thomson Group,

Furniture Shop in Trivandrum 

Registered Office No. 40/1250-C,
Nediyuzhathil Towers, T.D. Road,
Eranakulam – 682 011
Phone: 0484 4058218, 4058216
4058215, 0091 98470 61221
E Mail:

The Thomson IMPEX Cochin Trivandrum 
Furniture Shop in Trivandrum 
Registered Office No. 40/1250-C,
Nediyuzhathil Towers, T.D. Road,
Eranakulam – 682 011
Phone: 0484 4058218, 4058216
4058215, 0091 98470 61221
E Mail:

Furniture Shop in Thiruvalla 
Thomson Home Depot
Jama-ath Building(Above Sylcon)
Phone 0469-2633488

Furniture Shop in Trivandrum 
Thomson Home Depot
Penta City Tower
Karamana P.O
Phone 0471-2341555

Furniture Shop in Trivandrum 

Multiwood Products India